About Antharas x1 server [restart]


Команда форума
30 Дек 2022
Classic game client
Interlude chronicle mechanics

Main rates
with PA​
XP and SP rates
Adena Rates
Seven Seal Stone Rates
Drop rates
Spoiled rates
Fishing rates
Manor Rate
Clan Reputation Rate
Raid Bosses
Raid Exp and SP Rates
Rates of item drops from Raids
Exp and SP rates of quest rewards
Rates for dropping quest items
Adena quest reward rates
Quest Reward Item Rates
Max Seal Stones deposit per player is 1000000
When using bonuses/services that increase rates, party rates are calculated as average for the entire party

Auto learning skills
Added Mass Sweep to Spoilers at Level 28
Added Block Buff

Community board:
In view of the absence of additional NPS, all services and functions are available in KB.

Available buff slots: 20
Slots can be expanded up to 24 with books Ancient Book - Divine Inspiration
Buffer has all the necessary buffs, except for resists, cat / horse, xs
Up to level 40 the buff is free
Cost 5000 adena for 1 buff
The duration of buffs from NPCs is 1 hour, from PA 2 hours, from enchantments is standard time
Clan Hall buff time increased to 1 hour

There is a teleport to the catacombs and necropolises.
Teleports to the Ziggurat. Registration is required to enter.
The cost of the service is 50k adena

ClassMaster (called by the .class command)
1 pro quest, or 100k adena, or 100 CoL
2 pro quest or 1kk adena or 500 CoL
3 pro quest or 300 CoL
When you get a profession for adena or CoL you will get Rune XP/SP +50% - 5 hours

Mail is available to players level 20 and above.

Increased white chat range to 5000
From level 10, Shout (!) becomes global
From level 20 Trade (#) becomes global
From level 40, world chat (&) becomes available. It can be seen even in the shopping area. Available 10 messages per day, delay 3sec. You can increase the message limit by purchasing the Magic Trumped bonus item which adds 20 messages per day.

Trading area
There is a trading zone on the server - Giran Harbor.
You can get into it for free from any GC in the cities.
The Auction Manager, Grocer, Blacksmith and Warehouse Keeper are located in the shopping area for a comfortable stay.
From them you can purchase the necessary consumables, restore MP, insert SA into weapons, craft dual swords, craft resources and place lots on the auction. The warehouse is now at hand.
You can place a trading shop from level 1, from level 20 you can place an offline shop.

Champion Mobs:
Champion mobs will appear with some chance, they will be highlighted with a blue aura (x10 HP) and a red aura (x50 HP).
Champions have an increased drop and spoil chance (x10 and x25), and there is also a chance to get Festival Adena.

Your character must be level 80 to be able to reset!
It is possible to perform zeroing (it pleases)
After completing the reset, the character's level will be reset to 1 (first)!
As a bonus - you will receive NoItemName
For NoItemName you can purchase additional passive skills, X levels for each passive skill
Character level reset limit per reward - 10 times (i.e. you can get a maximum of 10 NoItemName)
Delay between receiving the bonus - 12 hours
Level reset is not available on sub classes

Increased the radius in which things and exp are distributed inside the party to 15000. This is 10 times more than usual!
The maximum level difference for distribution of Exp/SP/Drop in a party is 14
EXP bonus table for party
# 2 players in party 30%
# 3 players in a party 39%
# 4 players in the party 50%
# 5 players in the party 54%
# 6 players in a party 58%
# 7 players in the party 63%
# 8 players in the party 65%
# 9 players in the party 67%

An option is available that allows you to give rights to take things from the clan warehouse not only to Clu
The number of penalty days has been changed to 1.
The number of required clan members to start a war with another clan has been changed to 5.
The number of minimum required clan members to raise the clan level
6th lvl - 3
7th lvl - 5
8th lvl - 7

7 seals / festival
The minimum number of players to participate in the Festival of the Seven Seals is 2

Four Tombs
Number of members in a group to enter the Four Sepulchers - 2

Dimension Rift
Minimum group size to enter Dimension Rift. Min - 2, Max - 9

Lots of seasonal and temporary events

Summon/Pet buffs after Recall or after removal by the Erase skill are KEEP!

If a full set of armor is enchanted by 6 or more, then it will glow (like a weapon when enchanted by 4 or more)
Costumes, raincoats, accessories do not have any characteristics, they are intended for variety.
Daily/weekly tasks. You can receive various rewards for completing tasks.
The cost of all items when selling to the store is 1 adena.
The weight limit has been increased by 3 times, to increase the limit, you need to improve the belt.
Inventory slot limits increased to 128 for dwarves and 110 for others.
Trade and craft slots increased from 6 for dwarves, 5 for others to 1 prof, after 1 prof 12 for dwarves, 10 for others.
Cursed weapons disabled
All shady items for newbies and shops have been removed.
Paid teleport from level 1
PC Points (Available from level 40) - every 15 minutes for being in the game, 5 PC points will be given, there is also a chance to get x2, you can exchange them for useful items. You can check the number with a command in the chat .pc

Server Commands
.cfg - basic commands
.class - getting a profession
.pa - buying and checking the expiration date of a premium account
.acp - ADC, does not work in peaceful areas
.offline - offline trading, allowed for characters above level 20
.relog .restart - clear fps cache
.pc - check the number of impact points.

The description will be supplemented and edited as it is implemented.